September 3rd Deaths

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September 3rd, 1662 (September 03 1662)DeathWilliam Lenthall, English politician (born in 1591)
September 3rd, 1658 (September 03 1658)DeathOliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England (born in 1599)Oliver Cromwell Quotes
September 3rd, 1653 (September 03 1653)DeathClaudius Salmasius, French classical scholar (born in 1588)
September 3rd, 1634 (September 03 1634)DeathEdward Coke, English colonial entrepreneur and jurist (born in 1552)
September 3rd, 1592 (September 03 1592)DeathRobert Greene, English writer (born in 1558)
September 3rd, 1420 (September 03 1420)DeathRobert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany, regent of Scotland
September 3rd, 1402 (September 03 1402)DeathGian Galeazzo Visconti, Duke of Milan (born in 1351)

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