September 3rd All Events

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September 3rd, 2036 (September 03 2036)EventIn the battle of Naulochus, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, admiral of Octavian, defeats Sextus Pompeius, son of Pompey, thus ending Pompeian resistance to the Second Triumvirate.
September 3rd, 2004 (September 03 2004)EventThe Beslan school massacre ends in the deaths of approximately 344 people, mostly teachers and children.
September 3rd, 1997 (September 03 1997)EventA Vietnam Airlines Tupolev TU-134 crashes on approach into Phnom Penh airport, killing 64.
September 3rd, 1995 (September 03 1995)EventeBay founded.
September 3rd, 1994 (September 03 1994)EventSino-Soviet Split: Russia and the People s Republic of China agree to de-target their nuclear weapons against each other.
September 3rd, 1993 (September 03 1993)BirthRina Koike, Japanese junior idol
September 3rd, 1991 (September 03 1991)EventIn Hamlet, North Carolina, a grease fire breaks out at the Imperial Foods chicken processing plant, killing 25 people.
September 3rd, 1987 (September 03 1987)BirthChris Fountain, English actor
September 3rd, 1986 (September 03 1986)BirthShaun White, American snowboarder
September 3rd, 1985 (September 03 1985)BirthScott Carson, English footballer
September 3rd, 1985 (September 03 1985)BirthKelvin Wilson, English footballer
September 3rd, 1984 (September 03 1984)BirthGarrett Hedlund, American actor
September 3rd, 1983 (September 03 1983)BirthAugusto Farfus, Brazilian racing driver
September 3rd, 1983 (September 03 1983)BirthNicky Hunt, English footballer
September 3rd, 1983 (September 03 1983)BirthMarcus McCauley, American football player
September 3rd, 1983 (September 03 1983)BirthValdas Vasylius, Lithuanian basketball player
September 3rd, 1982 (September 03 1982)BirthAndrew McMahon, American singer and songwriter
September 3rd, 1982 (September 03 1982)BirthKaori Natori, Japanese singer and model
September 3rd, 1981 (September 03 1981)BirthFearne Cotton, British television presenter
September 3rd, 1980 (September 03 1980)BirthThe B.G., American rapper
September 3rd, 1980 (September 03 1980)BirthDaniel Ruben Bilos, Argentinian footballer
September 3rd, 1980 (September 03 1980)BirthCone McCaslin, Canadian bassist (Sum 41)
September 3rd, 1980 (September 03 1980)BirthJennie Finch, American softball player
September 3rd, 1979 (September 03 1979)BirthTomo Milicevic, Croatian-born American musician (30 Seconds to Mars)
September 3rd, 1978 (September 03 1978)BirthJohn Curtis, English footballer
September 3rd, 1978 (September 03 1978)BirthPaul Moor, English ten-pin bowler
September 3rd, 1978 (September 03 1978)BirthMichal Rozsival, Czech ice hockey player
September 3rd, 1978 (September 03 1978)BirthNick Wechsler, American actor
September 3rd, 1978 (September 03 1978)BirthValfar, Norwegian heavy metal vocalist/musician (Windir) (died in 2004)
September 3rd, 1977 (September 03 1977)BirthRui Marques, Angolan footballer
September 3rd, 1977 (September 03 1977)BirthOlof Mellberg, Swedish footballer
September 3rd, 1977 (September 03 1977)BirthNate Robertson, American baseball player
September 3rd, 1976 (September 03 1976)EventViking program: The Viking 2 spacecraft lands at Utopia Planitia on Mars.
September 3rd, 1976 (September 03 1976)BirthAshley Jones, American actress
September 3rd, 1976 (September 03 1976)BirthJevon Kearse, American football player
September 3rd, 1976 (September 03 1976)BirthVivek Oberoi, Indian actor
September 3rd, 1975 (September 03 1975)BirthCristobal Huet, French hockey player
September 3rd, 1974 (September 03 1974)BirthClare Kramer, American actress
September 3rd, 1973 (September 03 1973)BirthNorihiko Hibino, Japanese composer
September 3rd, 1973 (September 03 1973)BirthJennifer Paige, American singer/songwriter
September 3rd, 1973 (September 03 1973)BirthDamon Stoudamire, American basketball player
September 3rd, 1972 (September 03 1972)BirthNatalia Estrada, Spanish model and actress
September 3rd, 1972 (September 03 1972)BirthMartin Straka, Czech ice hockey player
September 3rd, 1972 (September 03 1972)BirthShim Eun-ha, South Korean actress
September 3rd, 1971 (September 03 1971)EventQatar becomes an independent state
September 3rd, 1971 (September 03 1971)BirthChabeli Iglesias, Spanish journalist
September 3rd, 1970 (September 03 1970)BirthGareth Southgate, English footballer
September 3rd, 1969 (September 03 1969)BirthJohn Fugelsang, American actor
September 3rd, 1967 (September 03 1967)EventDagen H in Sweden: traffic changes from driving on the left to driving on the right overnight
September 3rd, 1966 (September 03 1966)BirthVladimir Ryzhkov, Russian politician
September 3rd, 1965 (September 03 1965)BirthCharlie Sheen, American actor
September 3rd, 1964 (September 03 1964)BirthAdam Curry, Internet entrepreneur
September 3rd, 1964 (September 03 1964)BirthJunaid Jamshed, Pakistani singer
September 3rd, 1964 (September 03 1964)BirthHolt McCallany, American actor
September 3rd, 1963 (September 03 1963)BirthAmber Lynn, American porn star
September 3rd, 1963 (September 03 1963)BirthMubarak Ghanim, UAE footballer
September 3rd, 1962 (September 03 1962)BirthCostas Mandylor, Australian-born actor
September 3rd, 1959 (September 03 1959)BirthMerritt Butrick, American actor (died in 1989)
September 3rd, 1957 (September 03 1957)BirthGarth Ancier, American television executive
September 3rd, 1956 (September 03 1956)BirthPat McGeown, Provisional Irish Republican Army member
September 3rd, 1955 (September 03 1955)BirthSteve Jones, English musician (Sex Pistols)
September 3rd, 1954 (September 03 1954)EventThe People s Liberation Army begin shelling the ROC-controlled islands of Quemoy.
September 3rd, 1954 (September 03 1954)EventThe German U-Boat U-505 began its move from a specially constructed dock to its final site at Chicago s Museum of Science and Industry.
September 3rd, 1953 (September 03 1953)BirthJean-Pierre Jeunet, French film director
September 3rd, 1951 (September 03 1951)EventThe first long-running American television soap opera, Search for Tomorrow, airs its first episode on the CBS network.
September 3rd, 1950 (September 03 1950)BirthDoug Pinnick, American bassist and singer (King s X)
September 3rd, 1949 (September 03 1949)BirthPatriarch Peter VII of Alexandria (died in 2004)
September 3rd, 1949 (September 03 1949)BirthJose Pekerman, Argentine football manager
September 3rd, 1948 (September 03 1948)BirthLevy MwanawasaZambian Politician
September 3rd, 1947 (September 03 1947)BirthEric Bell, Irish guitarist (Thin Lizzy)
September 3rd, 1947 (September 03 1947)BirthKjell Magne Bondevik, Norwegian politician
September 3rd, 1944 (September 03 1944)EventHolocaust: Diarist Anne Frank and her family are placed on the last transport train from Westerbork to Auschwitz, arriving three days later.Anne Frank Quotes
September 3rd, 1943 (September 03 1943)EventWorld War II: Mainland Italy is invaded by Allied forces for the first time in the war.
September 3rd, 1943 (September 03 1943)BirthValerie Perrine, American actress
September 3rd, 1943 (September 03 1943)BirthFrank Lister, Soccer player
September 3rd, 1942 (September 03 1942)EventWorld War II: Uprising of the Jewish ghetto in Lakhva occurs.
September 3rd, 1942 (September 03 1942)BirthAl Jardine, American musician (the Beach Boys)
September 3rd, 1942 (September 03 1942)BirthJohn Shrapnel, English actor
September 3rd, 1941 (September 03 1941)BirthSergei Dovlatov, Russian writer (died in 1990)
September 3rd, 1940 (September 03 1940)BirthEduardo Galeano, Uruguayan journalist
September 3rd, 1940 (September 03 1940)BirthPauline Collins, English actress
September 3rd, 1939 (September 03 1939)EventWorld War II begins when France, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia declare war on Germany after the invasion of Poland, starting the Allies.
September 3rd, 1938 (September 03 1938)BirthEileen Brennan, American actress
September 3rd, 1938 (September 03 1938)BirthCaryl Churchill, English playwright
September 3rd, 1938 (September 03 1938)BirthRyoji Noyori, Japanese chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
September 3rd, 1935 (September 03 1935)EventSir Malcolm Campbell reaches 304.331 miles per hour on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, becoming the first person to drive an automobile over 300 mph
September 3rd, 1934 (September 03 1934)BirthFreddie King, American musician (died in 1976)
September 3rd, 1933 (September 03 1933)EventYevgeniy Abalakov reaches the highest point of the Soviet UnionCommunism Peak (7495 m).
September 3rd, 1933 (September 03 1933)BirthTompall Glaser, American singer
September 3rd, 1931 (September 03 1931)BirthAlbert DeSalvo, The Boston Strangler (died in 1973)
September 3rd, 1931 (September 03 1931)BirthDick Motta, American basketball coach
September 3rd, 1930 (September 03 1930)BirthCherry Wilder, New Zealand author (died in 2002)
September 3rd, 1929 (September 03 1929)EventDow Jones Industrial Average reached all time high at the time (381.17), which was shortly followed by the Crash of 1929.
September 3rd, 1929 (September 03 1929)BirthCarlo Clerici, Swiss cyclist (died in 2007)
September 3rd, 1928 (September 03 1928)BirthGaston Thorn, President of the European Commission(died in 2007)
September 3rd, 1926 (September 03 1926)BirthAlison Lurie, American novelist
September 3rd, 1926 (September 03 1926)BirthIrene Papas, Greek actress
September 3rd, 1925 (September 03 1925)BirthBengt Lindstrom, Swedish artist (died in 2008)
September 3rd, 1925 (September 03 1925)BirthHank Thompson, American singer (died in 2007)
September 3rd, 1923 (September 03 1923)BirthMort Walker, American cartoonist
September 3rd, 1921 (September 03 1921)BirthMarguerite Higgins, American reporter and war correspondent,Pulitzer prize winner
September 3rd, 1921 (September 03 1921)BirthThurston Dart, English harpsichordist and conductor (died in 1971)
September 3rd, 1918 (September 03 1918)BirthHelen Wagner, American actress
September 3rd, 1916 (September 03 1916)BirthEddie Stanky, American baseball player (died in 1999)
September 3rd, 1914 (September 03 1914)EventWilliam, Prince of Albania leaves the country after just six months due to opposition to his rule.
September 3rd, 1914 (September 03 1914)BirthDixy Lee Ray, American politician (died in 1994)
September 3rd, 1913 (September 03 1913)BirthAlan Ladd, American actor (died in 1964)
September 3rd, 1911 (September 03 1911)BirthBernard Mammes, American cyclist (died in 2000)
September 3rd, 1910 (September 03 1910)BirthKitty Carlisle, American actress and television personality (died in 2007)
September 3rd, 1910 (September 03 1910)BirthMaurice Papon, French Nazi collaborator (died in 2007)
September 3rd, 1908 (September 03 1908)BirthLev Semenovich Pontryagin, Russian mathematician (died in 1988)
September 3rd, 1907 (September 03 1907)BirthLoren Eiseley, American anthropologist (died in 1977)
September 3rd, 1905 (September 03 1905)BirthCarl David Anderson, American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1991)
September 3rd, 1901 (September 03 1901)BirthEduard van Beinum, Dutch conductor (died in 1959)
September 3rd, 1900 (September 03 1900)BirthMaurice Dobb, British economist (died in 1976)
September 3rd, 1900 (September 03 1900)BirthUrho Kekkonen, Finnish politician (died in 1986)
September 3rd, 1899 (September 03 1899)BirthFrank Macfarlane Burnet, Australian biologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (died in 1985)
September 3rd, 1897 (September 03 1897)BirthSally Benson, American writer (died in 1972)
September 3rd, 1887 (September 03 1887)BirthFrank Christian, American musician (died in 1973)
September 3rd, 1878 (September 03 1878)EventOver 640 die when the crowded pleasure boat Princess Alice collides with the Bywell Castle in the River Thames.
September 3rd, 1875 (September 03 1875)BirthFerdinand Porsche, Austrian automotive engineer (died in 1951)
September 3rd, 1874 (September 03 1874)EventThe congress of the state of Mexico elevates Naucalpan to the category of Villa, with the title of "Villa de Juarez".
September 3rd, 1870 (September 03 1870)EventFranco-Prussian War: the Siege of Metz begins, which will result in a decisive Prussian victory on October 23.
September 3rd, 1869 (September 03 1869)BirthFritz Pregl, Slovenian chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1930)
September 3rd, 1861 (September 03 1861)EventAmerican Civil War: Confederate General Leonidas Polk invades neutral Kentucky, prompting the state legislature to ask for Union assistance.
September 3rd, 1856 (September 03 1856)BirthLouis Sullivan, American architect (died in 1924)
September 3rd, 1855 (September 03 1855)EventIndian Wars: In Nebraska, 700 soldiers under American General William S. Harney avenge the Grattan Massacre by attacking a Sioux village, killing 100 men, women, and children.William King Quotes
September 3rd, 1851 (September 03 1851)BirthOlga Konstantinovna of Russia, Queen of Greece (died in 1926)
September 3rd, 1849 (September 03 1849)BirthSarah Orne Jewett, American writer (died in 1909)Sarah Orne Jewett Quotes
September 3rd, 1838 (September 03 1838)EventDressed in a sailor s uniform and carrying identification papers provided by a Free Black seaman, future abolitionist Frederick Douglass boards a train in Maryland on his way to freedom from slavery.Frederick Douglass Quotes
September 3rd, 1820 (September 03 1820)BirthGeorge Hearst, (died in 1891) American businessman and father of newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst.
September 3rd, 1810 (September 03 1810)BirthPaul Kane, Canadian painter (died in 1871)
September 3rd, 1798 (September 03 1798)EventWeeklong battle of St. George s Caye begun between Spanish and British off the coast of Belize.
September 3rd, 1783 (September 03 1783)EventAmerican Revolutionary War: The war ends with the signing of the Treaty of Paris by the United States and the Kingdom of Great Britain. America is officially free from Britain
September 3rd, 1781 (September 03 1781)BirthEugene de Beauharnais, son of Josephine de Beauharnais (died in 1824)
September 3rd, 1777 (September 03 1777)EventCooch s BridgeSkirmish of American Revolutionary war in New Castle County, Delaware where the Flag of the United States was flown in battle for the first time.
September 3rd, 1724 (September 03 1724)BirthGuy Carleton, 1st Baron Dorchester, British soldier and Governor of Quebec (died in 1808)
September 3rd, 1710 (September 03 1710)BirthAbraham Trembley, Swiss naturalist (died in 1784) Abraham Quotes
September 3rd, 1695 (September 03 1695)BirthPietro Locatelli, Italian composer (died in 1764)
September 3rd, 1693 (September 03 1693)BirthCharles Radclyffe, British politician (died in 1746)
September 3rd, 1675 (September 03 1675)BirthPaul Dudley, Attorney-General of Massachusetts (died in 1751)
September 3rd, 1666 (September 03 1666)EventThe Royal Exchange burnt down in the Great Fire of London
September 3rd, 1662 (September 03 1662)DeathWilliam Lenthall, English politician (born in 1591)
September 3rd, 1658 (September 03 1658)DeathOliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England (born in 1599)Oliver Cromwell Quotes
September 3rd, 1653 (September 03 1653)DeathClaudius Salmasius, French classical scholar (born in 1588)
September 3rd, 1651 (September 03 1651)EventThird English Civil War: Battle of WorcesterCharles II of England is defeated in the last main battle of the war.
September 3rd, 1650 (September 03 1650)EventThird English Civil War: Battle of Dunbar (1650)
September 3rd, 1634 (September 03 1634)DeathEdward Coke, English colonial entrepreneur and jurist (born in 1552)
September 3rd, 1592 (September 03 1592)DeathRobert Greene, English writer (born in 1558)
September 3rd, 1568 (September 03 1568)BirthAdriano Banchieri, Italian composer (died in 1634)
September 3rd, 1499 (September 03 1499)BirthDiane de Poitiers, mistress of Henri II of France (died in 1566)
September 3rd, 1420 (September 03 1420)DeathRobert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany, regent of Scotland
September 3rd, 1402 (September 03 1402)DeathGian Galeazzo Visconti, Duke of Milan (born in 1351)
September 3rd, 1260 (September 03 1260)EventThe Mamluks defeat the Mongols at the Battle of Ain Jalut in Palestine, marking their first decisive defeat and the point of maximum expansion of the Mongol Empire.
September 3rd, 1189 (September 03 1189)EventRichard I of England (a.k.a. Richard "the Lionheart") is crowned at Westminster.
September 3rd, 1034 (September 03 1034)BirthEmperor Go-Sanjo of Japan (died in 1073)
September 3rd, 0301 (September 03 0301)EventSan Marino, one of the smallest nations in the world and the world s oldest republic still in existence, is founded by Saint Marinus.

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